In Step Studio World Dance The purpose of this studio is to promote understanding of cultures from around the world through dance, exercise, and music. Halimeda's Costuming Oasis with blue letters and palm tree

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*** Update 6/8/2022  *** -  All costuming (except body stockings) has been moved to Halimeda's Oasis
A whole new look and YES, we are shipping during the summer.  

** No Classes this Summer 2022. We will post when we have start up date.  We are monitoring email and phone messages. Please leave a message if you call; because of the number
of bogus calls we get, we may not answer immediately. Repeat your phone number a couple of times on the message incase the cell phone doesn't record it clearly the first time.**

Halimeda / 'Aukai and her instructors have the longest established Middle Eastern Raqs Sharqi and Polynesian dance classes in Tallahassee, Florida. Classes started in 1993 and continue weekly. 
Halimeda's Oasis costuming shop was added in 2001.
The shop carries a variety of quality, unique hand made and imported items. Halimeda represents additional vendors such as Dahlal International, and Scheherezade Imports for special events. There are several wonderful seamstresses providing hand made and unique items for Tribal, Oriental and Hawaiian dance. We love making affordable custom costuming for troupes; let us know what you need. We also take quality consignment from dancers.

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To receive updates on classes, workshops and performances by e-mail, send an email to Email addresses will not be shared and you can opt out at any time..

Your privacy is important. In Step Studio and Halimeda's Oasis do not collect any financial information. Our credit card providers are etsy, Square and PayPal. Each has its own policy and we do not retain card information. We do retain addresses for shipping information; we rarely send snail mail general information. Halimeda's Oasis does retain email addresses from customers that chose to share theirs with us. We provide a news letter only to those that have asked and anyone can opt out at any time. Halimeda's Oasis/In Step Studio do retain phone numbers for those customers that call for information; we only return calls when requested and do not do "cold" calls. Halimeda's Oasis/In Step Studio do not send text messages unless a question is asked and then we only answer that question.

For more information on In Step Studio classes or performances, please send e-mail to In Step Studio, Tallahassee, Florida and add the studio name to the subject line. .

Please send comments on this site to Webmaster and please add the studio name to the subject line. This will separate your inquiry from the tons of SPAM sent to the studio.

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