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Handmade Dresses And Tunics

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2 Piece Flower Print Dress with Light Green Blouse

Bright colored woven fabric flowered skirt and vest top. Set includes circle skirt with ruffle and corset style top.  Very bright and colorful with many details on the corset top.  The top includes ribbons  buttons  sequined trim and applique. There is a zipper and elastic in the skirt and also there is a side zipper in the corset top. The light green short sleeve satiny blouse matches the green flowers. The skirt is 34 inches long and has a 28 inches waist; waist will stretch to 35 inches.  The vest is 18 inches long. The top is also 18 inches long. 2 matching scarves are included. Lots of hours of work went into this set. Made in Florida.

ARC1377 - $75.00

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Balady Dress 3/4 Sleeve Teal Panne Velvet

Balady dress or could be worn as long tunic in rich teal, sized L/XL panne velvet. Generous size.  Sleeves are 3/4 length. Metallic thread trim on sleeves and hem. Leg openings on both sizes. Stretchy! Scoop neckline; not designed to be stretched down over costume bra. Dress is 45 inches long from neckline to hem. Made in Florida.

LBC1624 - $35.00

Photo not available
Balady Dress Deep Blue Panne Velvet

Deep blue, stretchy panne velvet, dress or tunic sized Xl/XX: with 3/4 slightly flared  sleeves.Dress has metalic gold thread trim on the sleeves and around the hem and leg openings. The dress has a scoop neckline and would not stretch down over a costume bra. Very comfortable! Generous size. Dress is 47 inches from back of neck to hem. Made in Florida.

LBC1620 - $35.00

Photo not available
Balady Dress Light Weight Purple Knit

Light weight, purple knit, medium size, balady dress with short sleeves. The neckline is a deep scoop and can be pulled down around a costume bra or left as scoop neckline. Dress is 54 inches from back of neck to hem. Leg openings on either side for ease of movement. Hem is finished with overlock. Made in Florida.

LBC1619 - $20.00

Photo not available
Balady Dress Short Sleeve Black Panne Velvet

Short sleeve, panne velvet, large size balady dress. Very stretchy with scoop neckline.  The dress is 54 inches from back of neck to hem line. All edges overlocked. Leg openings on each side. Made in Florida.

LBC1623 - $25.00

Photo not available
Pink Cover up

Home made of beautiful deep pink and gold brocade fabric.  The pull over  cover up is 51 inches long and 46  inches around chest area. It has a rounded neckline with hook on the opening in the back. All self facing edges have been turned up and sewn down. Made in Florida.

ARC1366 - $20.00

Photo not available
Tunic Dress Blue Light Weight Knit

Tunic or dress in blue, light weight. XL/XXL size knit. Made as prototype. The sleeves are long and deeply flared.  It has a rounded neckline and is 35 inches from back of neck to hem. Leg openings on both sides. Generously sized. Made in Florida.

LBC1621 - $25.00

Photo not available
Tunic Dress Green Light Weight Knit

Light weight knit tunic or dress, sized XL/XXL, with deeply flared sleeves.  Made as prototype; generous sizing. The dress is 43 inches from neckline to end of points on hem Leg openings on each size. Wide scoop neckline; would not be able to pull down for costuming bra. Made in Florida.

LBC1622 - $25.00

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