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New Tie on the side Accent Skirts!

Warm rust brown tie on the side skirt with lurex threads

Straight Sheer Tie Skirt Warm rust brown with lurex metallic threads, sheer fabric sewn into a straight, tie on skirt. The skirt is 35 inches around with one side opening from waist to hem; there are no seams.

The skirt has a 3 inch sheer brown fabric waist band extending to sheer 36 inch ties each side. The bottom of the skirt has 6 1/2 inches of bright gold threads very close together for a very shimmery effect. This is polyester with no stretch. All skirt edges are fabric finished salvage edge with bottom turned over twice/machine straight stitched on hem.

The skirt is light weight, sheer and would work well over pants or other skirts! Made in the U.S.A. by Lee!

GL #629. $12.00 USD plus applicable taxes and shipping.

8 pointed blue silky tie on the side accent skirt

8 Point Blue Silky Tie Accent Skirt Blue Silky Tie Accent Skirt draped with 8 points! The polyester, no wrinkle fabric has tiny reflective dots and no metallic threads or sequins. It shines by itself! The skirt is 38 inches at the waist and the 4 inch wide self fabric ties extending 24 1/2 inches on each end. This is a single tie on-the-side skirt.

The longest point is 29 inches from the waist band and the shortest part of the skirt is 19 inches from the waist band.

All edges on the skirt are finished with tiny serging. The edges on the fabric ties are zigzag stiching. There are tiny pleats at the waist to make the points.
The skirt is light weight, opaque and would work well over pants or other skirts! Made in the U.S.A. by Lee! GL #1214. $25.00 USD plus applicable taxes and shipping.

Shimmery Red Tie on the side Accent skirt

Shimmery Red Tie Accent Skirt Vintage sheer, shimmery fabric red on black single side tie accent skirt; the fabric flashes between red and black. It appears to change color as it moves through the light. The skirt is 32 inches at the side where it drapes the longest and 28 inches in the front where it is the shortest. The skirt is one piece of fabric and is sewn on to a tie; it will fit multiple sizes! The fabric drapes beautifully; it is light weight enough to float when spinning. There is a fabric 3 1/2 inch waist band that ties on one side; the ties extend 27 1/2 inches beyond the fabric.

This accent skirt could be worn over other skirts, pantaloons or other dance pants.

Made in Florida, U.S.A. by Lee! This is GL #658. $35.00 USD plus applicable taxes and shipping.

To order this for pick up at one of In Step Studio classes, please send e-mail to Costuming and add the studio name to the subject line.

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