Body Stockings / Tummy Covers for all Seasons!

Style 1 is pull up to hook into the bra.  Sew small hooks to the inside of the bra and simply hook the top of the body stocking to the bra. If the net is sized correctly, the top of the stocking will not tear and will last many performances. All fabrics are very flexible to allow the audience to see undulations, belly rolls and belly flutters. There are small side seams and sizes are like panty hose sizes. Style #1.5 (included in picture) is available as custom order. Made by a well known U.S.A. manufacturer just for Halimeda's Oasis

Custom orders are available in all of the fabrics listed on the this page. It make take 3-4 weeks to find get the fabric and make the body stocking. Please note that not all fabrics are availble year around. We stock as many as possible but and sometimes we have to wait on fabric manufacturers. Please send an email to Costuming and we'll give you cost and time estimate.
Style 1 pull up body stocking

Sample of stretch net Style 1 in soft stretch net (example right.) The photograph is soft stretch net dyed to match a costume. Soft stretch mesh is like very strong panty hose, very sheer, and slightly slippery. Stockings made to stretch widthwise and not so much in the vertical direction. For those with long torsos, you may want to go up a size.
Sizes A or B are $18.00
Sizes Q or Q+ are $21.00

Color of stretch net - Tan or black
Sizes and Colors
white sparkle stretch fabric with multi color dots Style 1 in soft sparkle stretch. The photograph is white with silver sparkles. Sparkle stretch is not not very sheer but is light enough to see undulations and tummy flutters. They give the costume a "dress" look. Stockings made to stretch widthwise and not so much in the vertical direction. For those with long torsos, you may want to go up a size.
Sizes A or B are $21.00
Sizes Q or Q+ are $23.00

Black stretch with gold sparkle
Black stretch with silver sparkle
Sizes and Colors

Very light tan stretch with gold sparkles
White (not dyable) stretch with silver sparkles
Sizes and Colors

Red stretch with silver sparkles (sold out)
Turquoise stretch with silver sparkles
Sizes and Colors

Gitana in black net Style 1 in power net fabrics are either a fine fishnet or stretchy lace; great tummy control but you can clearly still see belly flutters and rolls. This is your choise for best control and coverage! The power material stretches lengthwise but very little from side to side. Available in tan power net, black power net, black power lace and a yummy milk chocolat brown.

Sample of power net fabric Style 1 or pull up in power net. The photo is power net that has been dyed to match a fabric. We keep standard colors in stock but the fabric, however, is very dyable and can be ordered in white.
Sizes A or B are $25.00
Sizes Q or Q+ are $28.00

Power Net colors: Very light tan or tan
Sizes and Colors

Power Net colors: Black, Milk Chocolat Brown
Sizes and Colors

Sample of power net lace fabric Style 1 power lace fabric, like power net, helps with tummy control. The power lace body stockings are cut so that there is very little horizontal width but they do stretch top to bottom.

Power Lace color: Black
Sizes and Colors

Style 3 in power net is like a leotard with deep neckline The style does not require hooks or pins and you wear it like a leotard. It goes around almost any style costume bra or top. There are side seams and lots of stretch lengthwise. There is very little horizontal side to side stretch so it holds you in. Sizes fit similiar to panty hose sizes. Available sleeveless or with sleeves sewn in (pictured). Sleeves are great in colder months of the year and they offer a dressier look. The sleeveless works very well in the warmer weather. Style 3 body stocking with sleeves
Style 3 sleeveless sizes A or B are $32.00
Style 3 sleeveless sizes Q or Q+ are $38.00

Colors of power net - Tan or Black
Sizes and Colors

Colors of power net - Tan or Black

Style 3 with sewn in sleeves sizes - A or B are $42.00 (pictured)
Style 3 with sewn in sleeves sizes - Q or Q+ are $47.00 (pictured)
Sizes and Colors

To order this for pick up at one of In Step Studio classes, please send e-mail to Costuming and add the studio name to the subject line.

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